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Building the best docket

The ultimate health related mass tort intelligence solution

Data first AI solution to reconcile identity data, validate claimant histories, and identify any available qualifying diagnosis data.

enhanced docket quality

Pre-qualify mass tort claimants within days not months

Leverage a combination of consumer and health data sources to verify the identity of claimants and pre-qualify their suitability for your tort

Claimant Re-Engagement

Re-engage claimants in existing dockets to authenticate identity, verify client status, and qualify case criteria.

Data Reconciliation

Reconcile disparate and incomplete claimant data via proprietary access to data exchanges and strategic partnerships.

Case Pre-Qualification

Claimant data is queried electronically to retrieve validating medical histories necessary to satisfy a specific tort’s current qualification requirements, in a significantly shortened time frame and provided in a summarized report.

A track record of success

SettLiT technology powerd over 40% of the Purdue Opioid docket

Our technology was able to qualify and improve dockets across the Purdue Opioid mass tort despite destroyed health records and unavailable physical medical records.