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Fast. Easy. Pharmacy Records.

Access a nationwide network of pharmacy data to quickly establish client credibility

We provide a nationwide network of data across major pharmacy brands. Instantly access client Rx histories and medical priors to bolster your case.

Instant Access

Receive pharmacy data within 48 hours from the largest providers of pharmacy services across the nation

Disqualify Clients

Instantly understand if your potential client had red flags within their pharmacy record which disqualify them from a claim

Dosage Change

Understand how your clients prescription dosage is changing over time with historical data and ongoing data access

Case Value

Quickly value your case based on simple medication inputs for pain management and cost accounting

Nationwide access to your clients pharmacy records at a click of a button

Personal injury is evolving and data is now at the forefront of how these customers managed their injury files. They leverage SettLiT for revolutionary case intelligence.

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